catering professionals

have been trained

in cookery and

culinary skills

Social and Economic Goals

Our Social and Labour Plan, “SLP” is the guide for our social and economic goals in the communities where we operate. We have a full time staff member on our owner’s team who is working to assist our effective and efficient fulfilment of the plan. We have an active program of learnerships. There are currently twenty five (25) learners working in our system. There are also internships where nine (9) interns are assigned to different sections or departments at the mine as well as small and medium sized enterprise (“SME”) development training. So far ten (10) catering professionals have been trained in cookery and culinary skills and we have purchased two (2) mobile kitchens for local women to use as they sell food and refreshments to employees at the WBJV Project 1 platinum mine as a part of an enterprise development plan for the community. Our SLP and other related activities include the donation of two (2) vehicles to be used by Moses Kotane Hospital in their health awareness program for local communities. We have funded the refurbishment and equipping of one (1) school laboratory so far and have funding for two (2) more in process. We have funded a sports training program and hosted local football tournaments. Six (6) local sports teams have received sports kits as a donation from the company. The football tournaments are an excellent opportunity for informal engagement as good neighbors. Our SLP related work is ramping up along with the construction of the WBJV Project 1 platinum mine and we continue to work on locally approved community projects.