We focus and insist

on safety and high

standards at our

exploration and 

work sites.


Safety is our number one commitment and it is the first item on our agenda in meetings at all levels in the Company and with our contractors. We have invested considerably into a program called SafeMap to assess, and monitor our safety culture and to train effective team leaders in safety. The program is successful. The newly trained leaders, including many very experienced mining people, say they have learned a lot from our SafeMap program. We are pleased to have solid acceptance of our safety culture from our employees and our contractors and we continue to invest in leadership that “sees and communicates differently” and is always looking for ways to improve safety with an “eyes wide open” approach.


The programs have been

a great success interacting

positively and energetically

with more than 


children over the past year

We have adopted an open door policy with the mines inspectors from the Department of Mineral Resources in South Africa (“DMR”), officially inviting them to come and inspect us regularly. This is perhaps an unusual approach in South Africa. If the inspectors see something unsafe they may issue a Section 54 notice to stop work until the unsafe situation is remedied. Because of their extensive experience, the inspectors can help us see and correct issues before they become an accident. We strive to develop a positive and co-operative relationship with the DMR and welcoming their involvement demonstrates our commitment to being as safe as possible. We commit to learn from any incident or accident on site to improve our safety. 


In addition to our construction and underground development activities, we also focus and insist on safety and high standards at our exploration work sites.