Our Commitments


At Platinum Group Metals Ltd we are committed to building value for our shareholders safely and responsibly. We have a duty to grow value and to move our assets towards platinum production while also being valued and contributing members of the communities where we work. We strive to complete our work safely and in compliance with laws and regulations. We endeavour to maximize value in everything we do for our shareholders, our employees, government and the communities where we operate. 




We regard open, honest dialogue in a climate of mutual respect as essential for all of our interactions both inside and outside of the company. For our contractors and employees we strive to listen well and we insist on open, transparent and balanced communication. 




We strive for best value by analyzing what we do. We ask if a task can be completed with increased safety, at a lower cost, better or more efficiently. We seek multiple bids for the contracts we let and we search for alternate approaches where possible to test for best value. We build long term relationships based on respect and a common objective to achieve best value. We have been fortunate to attract a high quality group of shareholders, both large and small, who continue to confirm our approach and business plan to develop new, high quality and producing platinum assets.